Recent Before & After Photos

Electrical Fire at Local Chiropractic Office

This local business owner had an electrical fire start in the middle of the night. As you can see in the picture, holes were poked in the ceiling, drywall was r... READ MORE

Water Main Break in Local Business

This local business had a water supply line break. A main break, crack, or hole allows water to come to the surface. Because of the high pressure levels, the wa... READ MORE

Damaged Roof From Large a Large Storm

This home, located downtown Port Huron, was hit by a fallen tree after a large storm came through the area. The roof had several puncture holes, missing shingle... READ MORE

Vent Fan Fire

This homeowner suffered a major loss in the majority of their home do to a fire that started from the bathroom exhaust fan. In the first picture, you can clearl... READ MORE

Funeral Home Leaky Roof

As you can see in the before picture this funeral home had a leak that originated in the roof. A family of racoons looking for shelter dug a whole and set up ca... READ MORE

From Ice Box to Home With SERVPRO of Port Huron

When SERVPRO of Port Huron first arrived at this house it was a complete ICE CUBE. Before any work could be performed, temporary heat had to be brought in, in o... READ MORE

Pipe Break in Sheriff's Office

The San County Sheriff's Office had a pipe break causing gallons of water to flow onto the floor. As you can see in the before picture, the drywall, flooring, a... READ MORE

Large House Fire in Peck, MI.

This is a home that was destroyed by a fire in Peck, Michigan. The fire caused so much damage that the entire roof and second story had to be demolished, restru... READ MORE

Failed Sump Pump

Without a working sump pump, the excess water from a major storm will begin to gather at the lowest point of your home. That point could be the foundation, craw... READ MORE

Local Italian Restaurant is Back and Better Than Ever Thanks to SERVPRO of Port Huron

This local Italian Restaurant had a kitchen fire that required a complete tear out and remodel. SERVPRO of Port Huron took quick action to remove any salvageabl... READ MORE