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SERVPRO water tech demonstrating how to use the SERVPRO water vehicle.

Water Truck Maintenance

Learning is a never ending process which is why even the little things, like reviewing the best practices in water truck maintenance, is so important to everyone at SERVPRO of Port Huron. Keeping our crew trained and attentive keeps our professionalism at the level we expect.

Pictured is black mold spreading on a customers basement wall.

Water and Mold Growth

Although it may seem like water damage is not a big deal and can be cleaned up on your own, It is best to hire a professional such as SERVPRO of Port Huron! If it is not cleaned up and taken care of properly, the ending result- MOLD! Leave it to the professionals and call us here at SERVPRO of Port Huron and let us take the stress away from you.


Customers new 2-tone kitchen in the middle of the install process.

New Kitchen

This customer trusted SERVPRO to completely re-do there kitchen with beautiful new custom made cabinets. This black and white design with the sleek full height door fronts give this home a sophisticated and modern look.  

Flame statue in remembrance of the Chicago fire.

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is observed each year during the week of Oct. 9 in memory of the Chicago fire that killed more than 250 people, destroyed 17,400 buildings and left 100,000 without a home. The National Fire Protection Association has sponsored the week since 1922.
This is the memorial entitled "Pillar of Fire" located at the Chicago Fire Academy.

SERVPRO representative cleaning rain gutters.

Prevent the Buildup!

Cleaning gutters is a necessary job that’s easy to delay. Rain gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris over time, which can cause water damage to your home.

The image shows a view of duct work inside of a business.

Duct Cleaning

Poor indoor air quality can affect your families mood, concentration and energy level. Let a SERVPRO of Port Huron professional inspect and clean the duct work of your home or business. 

Image shows an electrical room.

Electrical Room Safety

SERVPRO of Port Huron has responded to several electrical room fires. An electrical room is not a storage room and should not be treated as such. You should keep all cleaning supplies and storage away from active wires and make a clear path leading to the electrical box.

The image shows a down power line.

Power Line Safety

SERVPRO of Port Huron would like to remind everyone about the dangers of downed power lines. Keep a safe distance between you and the downed line and do not assume that the line is inactive just because it is not sparking or humming.

the image shows the new equipment SERVPRO of Port huron has ready and waiting for any disaster.

SERVPRO of Port Huron- Ready for Any Size Disaster

All equipment staged and ready to go for this residential dryout. We can handle any water loss, large or small. If you need our services, call us at 810-966-7900 , we’re ready to help you 24/7

The image shows how quickly mold formed on a customers chair after it was exposed to water.

Mold Moves Fast

pictured above is a chair that got wet and within 48 hours began molding. This shows just how crucial it is to call SERVPRO of Port Huron immediately after you suffer a water loss- so we can try and prevent this situation from happening.

Image shows how important keeping your door shut can be in case of a house fire.

Important Fire Safety Reminder

This picture is a wonderful reminder as to why you should sleep with your door shut every night! Teaching your kids at a young age will help create good habits for the rest of there life and keep them safe.

Image shows SERVPRO logo with damaged documents.

Your Documents are Not Destroyed Until we Say They Are.

Did you know our team uses the same freeze-drying methods as the Library of Congress to dry historic documents and books? When disaster strikes, some of your most valued photos and documents could be lost forever, but we can help restore them to preloss condition!

The image shows a large forest fire.

Interestingly Scary Statistic

In 2018, 89% of wildfires were caused by humans. Yikes! Learn before you burn this summer and educate yourself on local rules and regulations for burning backyard debris. Lets keep our city safe!

The image shows a home with roof damage and a large tarp to protect the home from any further damage.

Roof Storm Damage

This home was hit by a tree that fell during a high wind storm. SERVPRO of Port Huron met the home owner on site the same day and assessed the situation. A large tarp was placed on the roof to protect the home from any further damage while repairs where made. 

The image shows SERVPRO employees in hazmat suits sanitizing a facility

The New Clean

The world has changed what it means to be clean, so let customers and employees know that SERVPRO, the nation’s #1 choice in cleanup and restoration, was there with a higher cleaning standard, Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

The image shows what ozone odor removal can do for our customers.

Eliminate the Stink

The science of identifying and eliminating odors can be tricky, but as pros in deodorization, we're able to take care of it. Whether it’s a smoky smell in a vehicle, or a locker room full of stinky equipment, we’ve got odor solutions for any size job.

This image reads, " keep calm and sanitize on"

Give us a Call!

We are still open for all your emergency restoration and cleaning needs!

A reminder in this time that our highly trained technicians are available for deep cleaning and disinfecting manufacturing facilities, medical offices, schools, and more. Give us a call at 810-966-7900 to be proactive in the fight against C19.

This image shows a flood in the kitchen of a home

Flooding Hazards

If you experience a water loss or a flood be sure to identify potential hazards ASAP.

A few to remember are:
-Electrical shock hazards
-Contaminated water
-Hidden hazards in the water

This image shows one of our managers cleaning out an EMS truck

Helping those on The Front Line

  We have been hard at work in the last week, sanitizing and fogging the vehicles for first responders in our communities. It is our way of giving just a little back to those who are working so hard.      

This image shows the dirt that hides underneath the surface of carpets

Dirty Carpets

Being #1 in the industry, means we know dirt. When a carpet looks dirty, you're only seeing dirt at the top of the fibers. The dirt hiding below the surface is what causes most damage.