Water Damage Photo Gallery

Pictured is black mold spreading on a customers basement wall.

Water and Mold Growth

Although it may seem like water damage is not a big deal and can be cleaned up on your own, It is best to hire a professional such as SERVPRO of Port Huron! If it is not cleaned up and taken care of properly, the ending result- MOLD! Leave it to the professionals and call us here at SERVPRO of Port Huron and let us take the stress away from you.


Customers new 2-tone kitchen in the middle of the install process.

New Kitchen

This customer trusted SERVPRO to completely re-do there kitchen with beautiful new custom made cabinets. This black and white design with the sleek full height door fronts give this home a sophisticated and modern look.  

The image shows how quickly mold formed on a customers chair after it was exposed to water.

Mold Moves Fast

pictured above is a chair that got wet and within 48 hours began molding. This shows just how crucial it is to call SERVPRO of Port Huron immediately after you suffer a water loss- so we can try and prevent this situation from happening.

This image shows a flood in the kitchen of a home

Flooding Hazards

If you experience a water loss or a flood be sure to identify potential hazards ASAP.

A few to remember are:
-Electrical shock hazards
-Contaminated water
-Hidden hazards in the water